[Preview] Mutant Ninja Turtle Invincible Worship,

Tin Age Mutant Ninja Turtles is a reduced to TMNT, which is a reduction in the Ninja Turtles, but for the 8th to 90s fan, TV with TV, a lightweight theme, and a naming ninja turtle with a variety of games. In fact, if I am a moderated gamer, I might be the same song that the same lyrics have been repeated, and the same song that the same lyrics were repeated.

The TMNT game has been a generation, unlike the childhood memories, and the game was not satisfied with the game. However, the game will be waiting for the game to go to the sake at once. The new ‘Ninja Turtle: Shredder’s revenge’ is the main character. It seemed to be released soon after the first release, but the development period was quite pushed, and the game known for the launch of 2022 was a great interest in fans from the first release.

It’s not a 3D version that was not a 3D version, but it’s a classic ninja tortoise game as a belt scroll action that is well-owned by the prime and series features of the game. There is not just the form of the form, not just the form, but the classic work. And I showed something properly to the fans’s emotionality to smooth pixel art.

Now, you will see one of the development-behind information, and you will see the appearance of ‘TMNT: Shredder’ in advance with the release stage.

** Just a remake of a remake,

As a company name, the French Publisher Dotemu (Dotemu), as the company name, as a company name, was a professional company to transplant a classic game to the current level through the emulation method. But since when I started to show the appearance of the old gamers, I started to show the appearance of the old gamers properly.

Wonder Boy 3 remakeed ‘Wonder Boy: Dragons Trap’ was a unique emotion with hand-drawn animation with hand. This was a remake that was focused on a more modern figure while playing the original feeling.

The ‘Bear Knuckle 4 (Street of Ryzue), who participated in direct development with the manufacturer of Dot Emuga Wonderboy, is a work that became a perfectly rearing the perception of existing Dot Emu. The bear knuckle, which is a popular belt scroll action, which is the popularity of the Final Fight series, which is the popularity of the Final Fight Series, which is the popularity of the Final Fight series.

It was a 2020 series that was revived. Dot Emu, who won the development rights, is a good idea to save the original, and the game system, which was simple, was made to match the game today. Recently, with the tremendous popularity of the series fans, it has been made up of filming, so it’s a proper resurrection of the series.

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In recent years, the remake of the construction simulation of Impression Games, famous for the Caesar series, also announced the remake of Pharaoh. The company closed the door to many development resignation, and its new development was in fact. If you are fans for 4K resolution to expand packs, you are coming to Dot Emugi that you are going to be a fans.

‘TMNT: Multiple of Shredder’ is also a new and many fan-expected belt scrolls that have been expected to match the eye level of the game fan today. Non Demonstration. So the arcade tendency to hit the enemies through attacks through attacks. No matter how the evaluation and performance of 3D ninja turtle games are expected, some are the worst. As Dot Emugur, the Ninja Turtle is also implemented as a genre of the prime period, and the fans can see the desired bars properly.

Full color pixel art, original sensibility

The largest feature of ‘TMNT: Shredder’ is on graphics implemented as pixel art. The game in the game implemented in a bright color actually draws a remake of the dot Emu remake, or a different shape. In fact, the Wonder Boy, Bearner Cycle, and Wind Jamus 2, and the outline of Wind Jamus, the outline of the outline, has a feature that the original game play was relatively different from the strength.

However, the “TMNT: Shredder” is often created as a pixel as “dots splash”, making it a pretty pitfast. Of course, you can just think that you can just make an old feeling. However, the pixel art of the game is replaced with a smoothly expressed background and is responsible for more clearly emphasizing the character’s movement. The resolution itself is high, so it does not feel that the color representation or character details are low.

This graphic is because it is in contact with the most important goals of Tribut Games developing Dot Em and games. The core was to deliver the sensibility in the 1990s. This is not simply a game play. Of course, the development of the development is also enjoying the game with a game that has enjoyed the game of Ninja Turtle, and the game is actually a game, which is a game that has been moved properly, which is actually the popularity of ninja turtle games.

But I thought more importantly I think of the animation with my friends, listen to the theme song, listen to the theme songs, and to fall into their story, and Halloween was not sure that the Halloween was not sure if it was not a Donatello.

Ninja turtle is alive

Even today, it is still popular, but since I was concentrated on franchise emotions that I felt childhood, the development is focused on natural animation with high resolution graphics. Even though the first public, it was noticed that it is just the same thing, but four ninja turtle was in the detail of the velocity and motion of the commando.

The schoolboy Leonardo lifts his sword in his both hands, and the iron division, and the Michellangelo, he looks like his arms, and he shows his opponent. Ninja Turtle, a Ninja Turtle, a Bhenn, a Ninja Turtle, a brain, a Donato, a little slower. And this is not only in motion running.

The newly released play video shows the action of the four tortoise commanders, each of the four tortoise commanders, each of the Katana, Tree Bong, Between, and the twisted weapons. Basically, a combo attack that meets character characteristics than a feeling that the form of attack is really colorful in accordance with the genre characteristics. It is just dumbling to add a color and avoiding the enemy attack and a special skill.

In the case of special skills, it was not introduced in detail, but the gauge is displayed on the physical strength and save up to three. The Y button is used to use one by one to use powerful technology. You can check that you are using in place, such as in place, such as movement, and the public.

Also, basically, at the time of close to the characteristics of this genre game, the camera is done in the camera. So there is also a unique action to throw in the direction of the player.

Master of April

The game is not simply focused on the action, but it is a description of the development of the development of the story and the character relationship with the core, and the character relationship with the core, In fact, in the trailer, the Fut Clan’s furnace and the Poeth Scheder were directly visible, and the Matt Pig Bib and the Rhinoceros Rocksty appeared as a stage boss. You can check the head of the robot that you are in the brain that is a monster crank.

Ninja Turtle Fans will continue to be a new story that the fans are known to know, and the story. Here are a few human assistant aprils and a tortoise commander’s teacher and a splinter that is like a father, and a splinter as a featabled character.

As such, we started the first broadcast in 1987 and based on the animated version of the animation that is aired in Korea, and far from the United States, the United States, as well as the US, as well as a new memorable game that can be shared to the Gamers of 8 to 90s. The part of the development of the Nickel Don, who had the rights of TMNT, is a part of the 1987, which was based on animation in 1987.

This year, ‘TMNT: Shredder’s revenge’, “TMNT: Kowao Collection,” TMNT: Kowoong Currency Collection “, who collects 13 classical ninja turtles games such as NES, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive. Fans who want to feel the memory of the past again, the fans who want to enjoy the emotions of the time, and all the fans who want to enjoy a new game are all satisfied.

Of course, except for the release of this year, you can not even know the exact release date, and you can not be sure that the actual game has shown more than the video. However, I see a player who grew up looking at the Ninja Gook Book, a similar period, and players who played a series of spectacles, and play against shredders. It is a game machine and I will not be able to revive my memories when I enjoyed my friends and Rafael in front of the TV.

‘TMNT: Shredder’ s multiple ‘is scheduled to release PC and Nintendo switch with Korean in Korean, and will be released as PS4 and Xbox ONE.