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Sea of Thieves: How to start the adventure “Shrouded Deep”.

There is a brand new event sea of thieves called the Shrouded Deep. This event takes your pirate crew with another epic adventure, where you can sail to islands, fire torches and kill megalodons. But how do you start in this new Shrouded Deep Adventure? Here’s all you need to know to start The Shrouded Deep in Sea of Thieves.

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How to start The Shrouded Deep in Sea of Thieves

Starting The Shrouded Deep is similar as you would start any other quest in Sea of Thieves: First you have to do it Say with Larina . It is available at every outpost directly before the tavern. As soon as you talked to Larinna, she will hurt her with hunting the killer whale. Larinna is the person with which you have to talk to bring the Quest The Shrouded Deep.

After talking to Larinna, you must sail to the killer whale . The ship will always be is at M12 on your map. As soon as you sail to this part of the map, you will see Merrick’s ship named The Killer Whale, which is anchored on a rock.

Get on board the killer whale and talk to Belle . You will give you the quest requirements for The Shrouded Deep. And so you start the Shrouded Deep in Sea of Thieves. Continue reading if you want to know how to complete The Shrouded Deep.

How to close the Shrouded Deep in Sea of Thieves

Now that she talked to Belle over The Killer Whale, she will inform her about traveling to four different islands, killing four different megalodons and take their souls with quute-specific portraits . For all four excursions, you must return to The Killer Whale every time to put the portrait on the table and get the nearest Megalodon site.

All four trips are exactly the same, but find on different islands. As soon as you sail to the marked island, you must find the quest-specific cannon and fire the quest-specific neon tags over to summon the megalodon. Kill the Megalodon, collect his soul, return to Belle and do that three times.

After all soul-penetrated portraits were placed on The Killer Whale, you need five pirates to play Summoning the Megalodon . A beacon will warn online pirates nearby to join them to start the last battle of The Shrouded Deep. Once you’ve played Summoning the Megalodon with five pirates, one of the most epic naves of all time begins. The Shrouded Ghost appears and you have to turn it off with your pirate friends.

That’s all what you know The enveloped depth in Sea of Thieves . Further information can be found in our Sea of Thieves Guides.

Sea of the thieves is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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