Mega Man games, against and Castlevania would arrive at switch online

A couple of days ago a couple of Game Boy emulators were filtered, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online . However, this is not all the information that was shared without the authorization of the Great N. Recently, A list of classic games that could reach the NES application was also discovered.

In the same filtration of the Game Boy emulators, an image was found that shows us Mega Man games, against, Castlevania and Tetris in the NES application for online switch . These are titles that are not yet available in the service, although this could change in the future.

Now, the interesting thing is that this image is October 2019, so there is the possibility that this was only part of the Nintendo plans, and contracts with Capcom and Konami were not carried out. However, there is also the possibility that in the future we see these games.

Taking into consideration that the most recent games are some quite dark experiences, is likely that the first theory is the most successful . You can learn more about the filtration of Game Boy emulators here. Similarly, a new update has reached the switch.

Switch NES Online Games BIG Glitch? - Castlevania Returns? | RGT 85

Editor’s note:

It is very likely that these games do not come to online switch. With the exception of Tetris, you can get collections from Mega Man, Konami and against these games on Switch. These were surely Nintendo’s original plans. In any case that this is a look at the future, it sounds very strange that something as iconic as Mega Man 2 is still in this service, but MAppy-land Yes.