Nintendos next big acquisition is. A property next to the office

Nintendo continues to buy. After recently adopted a long-standing partner, the shopping tour continues. But Nintendo does not buys developer studio such as Sony or a mammoth publisher like Microsoft, but… a property. Sounds funny, but it’s like that. The piece of land is quite large and lies right next to the property on which the current headquarters is located. We already know what to create on the property.

Nintendo does new purchase and enlarges its own headquarters

That’s why it’s time: While Microsoft, Sony, Embracer Group, Epic and Tencent felt to buy new companies, Nintendo is content with a small property in the neighborhood of the headquarters. Of course, that’s not quite true: only recently, Nintendo has bought the longtime partner SRD, which has been sitting in the same building for many years: 765

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Nintendo buys studio, which has been sitting in the same office for 40 years


In addition, the property is not exactly small in addition to the current main office Nintendos , on the contrary (it costs with a price of almost 37 million euros not exactly). According to the official announcement of Nintendo itself, the piece of land is an area of 10,028,55㎡. There is definitely a few football fields and mini golf plants on it. Or a cool Nintendo leisure park like this here:

But , but bad news: Although almost all hope to hope that visitors are now able to overcome crushes, abysses and dodge lava to come to the headquarters of Nintendo, we have to disappoint you. On the property, instead, just another, Schnöd’s office building should be created instead. Apparently without green tubes, yellow blocks and Goombas.

This is planned: On estimated 38,000 square meters, a building is to be built that listens on the beautiful name “Corporate Headquarters Development Center, Building No. 2”. So at least the current working title. 12 floors should have it and get up about 72 meters high. The project is all about “R & D”, so additional strengthening of research and development.

What do you think and how would you make the property when your Nintendo is?