Fans of Kingdom Hearts Astony by the actuation of Coachella de Utada Hikaru

During the weekend, Utada Hikaru acted in Coachella, and Kingdom Hearts fanatics who attended were clearly happy to be there. The singer opened with “Simple and Clean”, the song most commonly associated with the first Corazones of the game, and the series in general. However, that was not the only event that the attendees received on the track of KH; Utada Hikaru also played “Face My Fears”, the opening song of _Corazones of the kingdom III. Naturally, the singer also played a series of additional tracks in her story, and it certainly seems that it was an impressive performance in general!

A clip of the Utada Hikaru interpretation of Coachella ‘Simple and Clean “was shared on Twitter by the user @aitaikimochi, and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

It is difficult to exaggerate the impact that Utada Hikaru music has had on the Kingdom Hearts franchise and how much he has inspired the music of her to fans from all over the world. Since Square Enix launched the original _Corazones of the game in 2002, the series has become one of the most beloved in all games. The singer has remained connected to Kingdom Hearts since then, providing songs in the three numbered entries in the series. The answers to the previous Tweet are full of jealous Kingdom Hearts fans of not being able to attend, and it is very easy to see why!

Earlier this month, Square Enix officially opened the curtain of corazones of the kingdom 4, the next delivery of the RPG series. At this time, little information has been revealed about the game, although the rumors have suggested that it could incorporate characters and elements from the Star Wars franchise. It is too early to say if Utada Hikaru will have a song in the next game, but given the close association of it with the franchise and passion that Kingdom Hearts fans clearly feel for the singer, it seems a safe bet that will return.. For now, the series fanatics will only have to wait and see!

Utada Hikaru performs in Coachella 2022 | Hikaru Utada Performs at Coachella and Releases
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