Netmarble, 7 consecutive global mobile publisher TOP10 selected

[Kids News 24, Yejin reporter] Netmarble (Representative Kwon, Pojo) is selected for 10th in the ‘TPA 2022 (TPA 2022) in 2022’ It announced on the 12th.

The Mobile App Market Analysis site Data.ai selects a top 52 mobile app publishers that summarize Google Play and Apple App Store every year to sum up the highest revenue in the world. Netmarble has entered the top 10 with Tencent, Netsiz, and Activision Blizzard, in sales of App Store and Google Play summers last year.

Netmarble, who has been steady in 2015, has been ranked 10th in the top publisher awards in 2022 this time. As a domestic company, it is the only way to continue to record records on TOP10 in the world mobile market.

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Meanwhile, Netmarble released a new business strategy as a theme of a total of 20 major development lineups in the 5th NTP (Netmalble Together Weed Press) in the fifth NTP (Netmalble Together Weed Press) to release a new business strategy as a theme.

“Last year, Netmarble was a lot of love to show fun to users around the world through a variety of games,” said Netmarble, “said Net Marble,” said Netmarble in 2022, “Last year, We will continue to consolidate competitiveness in the market. “