Hearthstone: Deck Warrior Control – At the heart of the englotted city

A brand new adventure begins on Hearthtone with the arrival of the year of the Hydra and its core set revisited. The first extension, the heart of the quoted quoted_, makes us discover a submarine world filled with dangers. Colossal creatures, Nagas and Murlocs join the typical forces of each hero. The warrior takes the opportunity to unlock new tools that will help him explore the quoted quoted with his deck.

Class cards

Neutral cards

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Aaebaqcihrep7wom7wo8igtlsathsgsyqsbyqqls6ie / wf7dpiabjubbpmmbpqmbj + fbnksbiy3baa =

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Cost in dust: 0

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How to play the warrior deck of the englutty city?

With this deck for the englutty city, the warrior does what he knows how to do better: control the land and the game. It takes advantage of many tools for that, in addition to its possibility of gaining armor. Its main management tools are still present, but are added to new threats, including colossal creatures. Its fairly balanced mana curve overall, does not offer it little solution at the beginning of the game however.

It must therefore choose the right tools to keep according to situations. Sir Finley, a maritime guide can be a good card, in order to hope to change his hand for something more adequate to the situation. But the acolyte of suffering, execution or mastery of blockage are also good cards to keep. If necessary, the Baston can be an indispensable card to minimize sudden damage.