Bundesliga transfer in Russia again canceled

Because of embassies against the Russian attack war in Ukraine, the Russian broadcaster “Match TV” once again broke off the transfer of a Bundesliga game prematurely.

The game between Arminia Bielefeld and the FC Bayern Munich on Sunday was among others “Stop, Putin” on an advertising band in the Schüco-Arena. Therefore, the station Match TV switched to a good 30 minutes at the stand of 1: 0 for Bayern his live broadcast, as among other things, the portal “Bundesliga game.ru” reported.

That was already the case on April 2nd at the duel between Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, as “Match TV” even before the end of the first half because of in the stadium to visual pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian embassies broke out the transfer. In both cases, the justification was that Bundesliga games and politics would have to be separated, as Russian and Ukrainian media reported.

Premier League and EFL to cancel broadcast contracts in Russia

Unlike French Ligue 1 and the English Premier League, the Football Bundesliga is still broadcast in Russia. The German Football League decided at the beginning of March to continue its contract with the Russian media company “Match TV” for the time being and donate the revenue for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

On an extraordinary termination of the contract was waived, so that the anti-war calls and peace bluff from the German stadiums could continue to reach the Russian population, it was said.

Despite the demolition of the transfer in the Dortmund game, the DFL continued the contract initially. “The DFL continues to focus on the opportunity to reach people in Russia with peace messages from the stadiums,” said the DFL at the beginning of April on DPA request. At the same time, one observes “of course exactly whether and to what extent this possibility is still given”.