Call of duty

Warzone: Vehicles disappear from the island of Rebirth by a hidden mechanic in the form of a glitch

Half of season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific put the island rebirth at the center of attention. In fact, developers have put the package on this small island, particularly with a review of the map that allows the arrival of new PDI, but also through the Rebirth Reinforced event.

However, despite all the festivities, there is a trap. In fact, this pretty substantial update that introduced the vehicles, something that finally used to fill their pockets of legendary weapons and that it has recently caused the disappearance of these.

Raven Software Removes Vehicles from Rebirth Island

Remember, a few weeks ago we inform you that you had introduced mysterious yellow bunkers in the game using vehicles. **

Without really surprising, and as the previous tweet shows us, The yellow bunkers contain a legendary booty . Of course, it was not to have the responsiveness of social networks and players who then rushed to join the Lands of Rebirth to have these rare and difficult goods in their hands.

However, the developers of Raven Software learned of this new method , which we could clearly call a glitch, so they decided to eliminate vehicles at the moment . And is that using cars available around this island was something a little unfair, since if we put together how small it was with the damage I was doing to whoever run over, we had the complete combo.

It is something that is not always well implemented, since in Fortnite its use is not as usual as we expected and the real problem are the armed vehicles such as tanks and airships, which give a huge advantage to those who are in that place.

Despite this measure, at the time of writing this article, Bunkers are now accessible to players thanks to the completion of the challenge of the community . However, they still need to locate a series of multiple objects before we can get access codes.


This is not the first time that Raven disables vehicles , whether in Battle Royale or Rebirth Island. In fact, they have been the source of several errors, particularly related to invisibility problems. We can wait for the return of the vehicles in the coming days through an update, but at the moment, the developers have not yet announced their reintroduction.