Kingdom Hearts IV: Return of reaction commands announced

Kingdom Hearts 4 NEW Information - Reaction Commands Return, Build Details, Hidden Message & More
Many fans have the so-called reaction commands, or Quick-Time events, which gave the combat system in Kingdom Hearts II a special flair and style, painfully missing in Kingdom Hearts III. This pain will not have to survive the players in the fourth main part of the range of play.

The game director Tetsuya Nomura announced in an interview with Famitsu that Kingdom Hearts IV will again contain reaction commands, from the simple reason that fans asked for it.

“After the publication of Kingdom Hearts 3 we saw a lot of inquiries to bring back the reaction commands, so we bring you back.”

The trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV starts at 04:05 minutes.

In the announcement trail of Kingdom Hearts IV, black circles can be seen if protagonist Sora gets a blow, that is the hint of the reaction commands. It has not been further clarified, as it is not yet known for which systems the game will appear.