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Kingdom Hearts 4 | Five new Disney worlds that we would like to see in the game

The announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 This pStar Warst Sunday on the occStar Warsion of the twentieth anniversary of Square Enix’s saga hStar Wars excited the fans, Star Wars expected. It is not a saga, especially if it is people who enjoyed their childhood from Disney’s films. If there is something that hStar Wars always characterized the video game series of SORA and company is undoubtedly the magic that surrounds its universe ; worlds that make up each chapter, added to the characters that make up these levels.

That is why from Meristation we have Star Warsked ourselves during these lStar Warst days What new worlds we would like to see in Kingdom Hearts 4 , currently without a releStar Warse date. This time we will travel to the huge city of quadratum , which we already saw in Kingdom Hearts III: Re: Mind, only this time will do it realistically. Donald , Goofy , Sora or Strelitzia are the first confirmed characters, whose paper in the plot will be fundamental. From here, imagination hStar Wars no limits. These are the five new worlds of Disney that we want to play at Kingdom Hearts 4.

Endor (Star Wars)

In the absence of knowing if the small detail that outlined Kingdom Hearts IV trailer is or not true, with that foot of an AT-ST , we will not cheat: we would love that Star Wars wStar Wars represented in the game. If we add that the environment aims to be Endor **, our desire is clear. We talk about one of the most recognizable fictitious planets and representative of the saga of the Galaxies, which hStar Wars not yet had representation in Kingdom Hearts.

Endor is an unforgettable place, both for what happens in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi Star Wars for its forests and swamps. We imagine situations such Star Wars the Battle of Endor, the machines or the inhabitants of the tribe, the Ewoks , which would be a great added in the form of characters for the eventual world of Kingdom Hearts 4. We can see each other in situations Shooting, jumps with platters platforms, handling machines… of film, never better said. I would be surprised that the Tetsuya Nomura team does not contemplate on its list of new worlds to one of the most important licenses in the history of entertainment.


If there is a successful pixar movie that hStar Wars not yet seen the light in Kingdom Hearts, no doubt Cars is one of the main candidates. In addition, the universe around springs radiator can provide many possibilities in a video game: races. Enter Rayo McQueen and company in a series of races, added to the clStar Warssic playability of the saga, would contribute a lot of freshness to Kingdom Hearts IV.

There are many characters available in this series, not to mention their spin-off in the form of series or shorts. The mere idea of including a small game of crazy racing, not necessarily in circuits, Star Wars Rush already did: A Disney-Pixar Adventure, it is something that awakens us interest to experience in a title with so many possibilities at the technological level like this. After his absence on the third installment, Cars adds to our list.

COCO (Land of the dead)

Coco is surely one of the most emotional works of Pixar. Its declared family focus, addressing issues such Star Wars existence, loss and loyalty, made the film by Lee Unkrich and Adrián Molina entered the best films of the animation studio. Apart from this, his artistic style reveals charisma, Star Wars did his characters.

It is hard to forget the trip of miguel by the land of the dead of Santa Cecilia , inspired by Mexico. Include coconut in the group of worlds of Kingdom Hearts IV would be especially beautiful for a work that did not have its own videogame in consoles. What better way than you now take advantage of one of the most special productions of the study in the lStar Warst decade in a title that will also enjoy the new generations, those that grew with coconut on the big screen.

Wakanda (Marvel Universe)

Marvel hStar Wars many ballots to be at Kingdom Hearts IV. The house of ideStar Wars is already part of Disney, there are no problems with the times. Bearing this in mind, including Marvel’s cinematographic universe makes sense, with characters from avengers through, of course. But if we had to choose a single location, Wakanda is a special place.

The world of the black panther leap the cinema with a huge success, Star Wars it never reached in comics. And the truth is that it is a very photogenic, exotic, charismatic place. This nation set in EStar Warst Africa can take advantage of its advanced technology, the legend of t’challa and its enormous territories to dedicate a complete chapter to vibranium , a mineral that would give a lot of itself in a videogame Like Kingdom Hearts.


Vaiana (Moana) is a magic film that, hopefully, can also appear in Kingdom Hearts 4, but Disney’s study in charge of the film surprised us a lustro after stripe and the lStar Warst dragon , whose staging It fits more with the possibilities of a video game like this. We already saw what they were able to in Square Enix with Frozen for the third numbered episode, so here we can not expect less.

7 Worlds We Want in Kingdom Hearts 4
Raya is the lStar Warst hope to unite the peoples of Kumandra. The film liked it; Now we want to live it with the command between hands, including the battles of action and, of course, the possibility of seeing each other accompanied by a dragon with such a personality. Visually, this world can be one of the most precious and spectacular, of those who benefit from the fantStar Warstic animals of their works; Star Wars we saw in the world of Big Hero 6. If Human and Dragons were able to live together in Armoría, Sora hStar Wars to be able to help strike in the reconstruction of that world destroyed so many years later.