Pulse, Bis and 2022

The bis (representative huge) is recruited from 2022 to the recruitment of the recruitment linked summer interns from 16 days (Sat).

The recruitment field is ▲ programming ▲ art ▲ game design ▲ business and operation ▲ Marketing ▲ Marketing ▲ Humanity ▲ It is employed in the past. Supported targets are planned for graduates within February 2023.

Here are my March SAT scores. And my plans for May SAT.

Applicants can accept documents through a bis recruitment homepage, from April 16 to May 8 (day). Papers are successful in terms of job testing and interviewing in accordance with their jobs. The final successful applicant is given a regular change opportunity according to the evaluation after working with an internship for 8 weeks since the end of June.

Pulse, the bis will also disclose special imaging for recruitment information through official YouTube channel ‘Pearl Cruout’. You can see various information, such as a job support procedure, and interview know-how.

Kim, Sami Pulse, Bis Greetings Culture, said, “” I am waiting for volunteers of various fields to create the best games in the global game market, “he said,” he said, “” I am looking for as many support and interest to recruitment in the last field. “

Pulse, the bis operates the industry’s highest level of welfare system. In 2017, the first game was the first of the first time, and the company paid 500,000 won per month to employees with residents and children nearby. In addition, there are many welfare benefits such as housing funds and loans, children’s scholars, housework cleaning, and companion animal insurance. The bis is ahead of July of Gwacheon this year.