PlayStation Insider filters the first details about the new PS5 game of Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog Confirms They Are Working On 3 Projects For PS5
A member of PlayStation has filtered the first details about a new Naughty Dog game, the study behind The last of us and inexplate. And, for the first time since 2005, the study based in California is working on a game that is not included in any of these IPs. Naughty Dog has confirmed that it has some games in development, but has not said anything about these games, but apparently one of these projects is for a new IP.

The rumor comes along the way to go on Twitter, and unfortunately, it is not full of details. What is revealed is that it is a game for a single player set in a fantasy scenario and is currently in full production. The filter also points out that Neil Druckmann is not involved. For those who do not know: Neil Druckmann is the co-creator, writer and creative director behind The last of us series, and also the creative director behind unchart 4: the misconducer of the thief. It is one of the most important names of the industry, but also a slightly divisive name, largely due to _The last of us part 2 that despite being acclaimed by criticism, it had a good number of critics.

Recently, Naughty Dog has developed a reputation for prolonged development, however, it used to produce games. That is, it is difficult to predict when this game could be launched, especially without knowing how advanced it is in production. A secure estimate would be two to four years. That said, not only take this estimate with tweezers, but also the rumor itself. This is not official information and, like everything, is subject to change. For what is worth, we have heard rumors that you are working on a new IP at Naughty Dog. However, these rumors were about a year ago.

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