Warzone Season 3 Trailer neckt das Godzilla

Call of Duty Warzone will soon get another update. Raven Software has finally begun to share more information about Warzone Pacific Season 3, and the new trailer has convinced many fans that Godzilla comes to Warzone in the next major title update. We have beaten ourselves in recent weeks on a newly designed re-burring island, but now it’s time to return our attention to Caldera and uncover what the Nazis brought with their Nebula bombs.

In Season 3 with the subtitle “Classified Arms” the Nazis activated the Nebula bombs, which had discovered Captain Butcher and Task Force Yeti in Season 2 of Warzone Pacific. That was something many fans come – especially, considering that the Nazis actually ignited a film trailer to Season 2. The narrative of Captain Butcher in the latest trailer suggests that something much greater is imminent.

“But none of us knew that a storm stood on the horizon. With Nebula, the Nazis had ignorantly woken up something, something much more powerful and more scary than everything we have ever hoped to understand, “says Butcher in his narrative.

Of course, this could mean everything at that time – but many fans connect points and draw conclusions that indicate that Godzilla is actually in season 3 to Warzone Pacific.

Are these theories completely unfounded? Well, not completely. At the beginning of this year, well-known Leaker Tom Henderson suggested that both Godzilla and King Kong could come to warzone in the future – and if you look at the traditional origins of Godzilla, it fits what’s going on in the Warz1. Traditionally, Godzilla is aroused by nuclear radiation from his deep sleep under an island on the Japanese peninsula. The setting of Nebula bombs through the Nazis on Caldera is not so different.

However, the most meaningful hint could only be the spectral analysis that a Twitter user shared a strange noise from an unknown frequency following the trailer in the social media. Discovered by VGCTwitter users, Heckinbrandon, have sent the strange sound clip by Audacity and found that he says “Monsters are real”.

I checked it on Audacity, it looks like it would say “Monsters Are Real” pic.twitter.com/mldljydyeg



Of course, it is worth it to enjoy everything with caution until we know more – but we could soon compete against each other in Warzone and a Kaiju.

Do you want to find out the things yourself? Look at the trailer to Season 3 of Warzone Pacific:

At the moment we just do not know exactly what Call of Duty has planned for Warzone Pacific in Season 3. If you want to prepare, it is worthwhile to read our guide to the best Warzone weapons and the latest information Warzone Meta here.