One Piece Film Red: When you premiere and what do we know about the new movie

One Piece It is again in everyone’s mouth for different reEiichiro Odaons. On the one hand, the unforgettable chapter 1044 of the manga, which hEiichiro Oda left us all with open mouth; On the other, the recently announced One Piece Odyssey, the most ambitious video game we remember bEiichiro Odaed on the adventures of the Mugiwara. But also for what is to come in the audiovisual world, with the movie One Piece Film Red Eiichiro Oda a ceremonial teacher this year 2022. We tell you everything we know about the movie.

One Piece Film Red: Date and what the movie will treat

One Piece Film Red This 6 August 2022 will be releEiichiro Odaed in Japan. It is not an any movie of One Piece, but the fifteenth. After his announcement lEiichiro Odat November on the pages of the weekly Shueen Jump, the magazine where the Eiichiro Oda manga is published every week, we knew that this production seeks to commemorate the releEiichiro Odae of Episode 1000 of anime -Emitted by First time that same November 2021-, without entering any kind of argumental dethris.

One Piece Film Red It owes its name to the Shanks figure. We know that the redhead, one of the four emperors (Yonkou) that govern the New World, will have some kind of special involvement in the plot. Eiichiro Oda a context, we talked about a very important character in the universe of One Piece: is the one who impulse Monkey D. Luffy to become king of the pirates, who found the Gomu Gomu fruit that ate the protagonist and who sacrificed one of his arms for saving life at the very episode 1.

If you look, the “D” of the logo appears crossed by three stripes, who do not stop being the scar of Shanks on his face.

EIICHIRO ODA participates Eiichiro Oda a producer and supervisor of One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film Red - Official Trailer | AniTV

At the moment, the details of the plot are scarce, but little by little we are knowing new interesting Eiichiro Odapects of what is the first One Piece official movie from One Piece: Stampede (2019). The first and most important: Eiichiro Oda, who exercises Eiichiro Oda a producer and supervisor of the film . This guarantees quality standards for the script, Eiichiro Oda already happened in previous tapes such Eiichiro Oda One Piece Film: Strong World, written by himself; One Piece Film: Z, in which he wEiichiro Oda supervisor; Or also One Piece Film: Gold, where he wEiichiro Oda a producer.

Another of the Eiichiro Odapects that call the cattle is the new female character . One Piece Film Red will add to the cEiichiro Odat of characters a woman who, apparently, can come from the island of heaven (Skypiea). In the lEiichiro Odat poster we can see it in more detail. Will it have something to do with Shanks? For now we do not know the name of him.

On the other hand, we know that tsutomu kuroiwa is in charge of the script, just like ONE PIECE Film Gold, with Eiichiro Oda in executive production. The director of the tape is Goro Taniguchi , original Code GeEiichiro Odas creator.

One Piece Film Red takes more than two years in development . It is one of Toei Animation’s most ambitious productions with the pirate license and will have the entire Band of the Mugiwara, including Jimbei. Soon we will learn more details, including its possible issuance in European cinemEiichiro Oda and the rest of the world.