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What is the best class in Ragnarok Origin?

Finding out which class to choose in Ragnarok Origin may seem difficult, since there are many factors affecting each class and their meaning. The question of which class is better, has a preliminary response, at least, based on the criteria for popularity and advantages compared to disadvantages.

What is the best class? [Ragnarok Origin Guide] EVERY CLASS **OPINION**

What class in Ragnarok Origin is the best?

Although it is difficult to definitely say what class is better in Ragnarok Origin, because each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, you can narrow the choice to the most popular option that offers the greatest benefits and the smallest number of flaws. According to these criteria, it can be said that the best class in Ragnarok Origin is fencer . This class is available for beginners, but is still popular among experienced players thanks to the impressive characteristics of protection and responsive attacks in the near battle.

What other classes are better to choose in Ragnarok Origin?

There are several other classes about which it is worth mentioning and recommend players who are not familiar with Ragnarok Origin. The choice of class archer is an excellent choice, especially for more experienced players. The archer will give long attacks, powerful critical skills and excellent damage.

Another good option for players is a thief. Caution here is that you need to be much more familiar with the game, since the thief requires careful control. If you manage to master the class of thief, you can enjoy unreal levels of dexterity, damage, and even protection.

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