Blade and soul

Who is the famine in Kingdom Hearts 4?

In the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, it was shown that the girl named the shooter cared for Sore. Many fans may not recognize her because it happens in an less famous game, despite the fact that it is one of her main characters. Who is this mysterious girl and where she knows so much.

Strelzia was nearby key blade of war and was killed darkness . She also owned the key blade, silently watching the player during the battle. Union x History. She became part of dandelions and became The leader of the Union What she soon sorry because of the war blade war.

It is also an important part Merluccia History, like her sister Loriam . It is not yet known whether they were contacted after her death.

When she first goes to talk to the player, they kill her, and her book is taken by the rules. Now it was shown that she is alive and lives in Square . Square is an alternative reality, but the shooting seems to be an anomaly, which is not a place in it as well as sore.

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