Where is the action of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link?

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link - Reveal Trailer (New Mobile Game)
Along with the release of Kingdom Hearts IV, a new project was announced for Kingdom Hearts mobile devices: Missing Link. After a four-year expectation, KH fans get a lot of new game content, which they are looking forward to, and another story that needs to be remembered in the confused world, which we love.

Action Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will occur in rock and the knee . Those who played Kingdom Hearts III will recognize this beautiful place closer to the end of the game, where you will find a face to face with Ksenaand.

It will give the players the opportunity to explore the city a little more and learn more about it, because the time spent there in KH3 was limited and was focused solely on victory over Ksenahanort.

Many places and worlds were investigated in the Kingdom Hearts games, but this is more new. So, it will be pleasant to walk along the unfamiliar… Traverse in the city and the like!

It is also known as a staircase in heaven and is considered a place where all previous owners and the Keyblade masters were going. Not to mention the fact that Calum is also the name of Knoktis from Final Fantasy XV, so there is a small reference to the crossover.

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