What is Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, game details

Announced with Kingdom Hearts 4, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link – a completely new mobile game that complements the Kingdom Hearts series. The trailer and first glance were presented at the event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, which took place in Tokyo in April. 10, Mobile game attracted the attention of some.


Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link seems to take gameplay and kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 battle, and transfer them to mobile devices with excellent graphic accuracy. The game looks like a natural successor of these games and will include multiple characters that you can switch between control.

But in addition, it is assumed that the game will use elements of more modern mobile games To create a unique experience. For example, some suggested that the game can use a system similar to Pokémon Go so that players can find enemies and heartless in the open world.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will be release a closed beta version in 2022 . Currently announced that it is available on iOS and Android. However, it also turned out that it will be released only in certain regions.

The game is carried out Own development Square Enix What does that mean that you can expect the perfection and quality of the main game Kingdom Hearts, although it seems that there will definitely be a side story in the game.

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