This is Kingdom Hearts Missing

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is one of the new videogames in which Square Enix works within the popular Saga de Sora y Company, outside Kingdom Hearts 4. On the occKingdomion of the twentieth anniversary of the series, this project will arrive Soon IOS and Android by way of Action RPG with an original story .

This game hKingdom been one of the surprises of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event, since it is not presented Kingdom a habitual mobile game, but will encourage exploration in real time fighting. We expect trips in territories such Kingdom Scala ad Caelum , Sincorazón and many other locations and known characters, invocations from other characters and a completely new story.


Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will have beta closed in 2022

Kingdom Square Enix explains in his official communication, “players will be able to participate in exciting battles against tinch and discover a new and original history”. They have not transcended more details about the possible connection with the Canon or if it will be before or after the events narrated in the third part.

This year 2022 there will be a closed beta ** for a select group of players (in certain regions) that will be able to test the title in a development version. Soon we will have new details; For now we only have some images, which let Best Quekingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be a videogame with a good visual section.

On the other hand, the lKingdomt episode of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be launched this August 2022 by free update for Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark

Kingdom Hearts 4 hKingdom been the other great announcement of the event. The next episode in the saga of Sora, after the facts narrated in the third episode, but starting a totally new saga. Hence the changes in the logo and the rest of modifications we have identified in the trailer. It will be developed under Unreal Engine 5.