Lost ARK: What do you actually do with the chalkboard of the tournament winer?

Many of you will certainly have completed the quest proof of my value in the Continent Annika. As a reward, among other things, the “tablet of the tournament winer,” with which can not really be d1. Objects that have no other benefit than to be sold at the dealer actually own an icon of a blue bag, but the table of the tournament winer does not adorn such icon.

For this purpose, the chalkboard of the tournament winer is intended

In the first Season of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) In Korea, a dealer in the city of Changhun was actually inserted, in which one could exchange the blackboard against certain weapons. However, in the western regions, this dealer is not part of the game. So far, it is not known if SmileGate and Amazon want to deliver this NPC, or not.

If you want to go safe in number, you can simply stow the chalkboard of the tournament winer in your camp, in case the dealer will eventually be added to the game. Of course, it is also free to sell the blackboard easy for sale. For this you will receive 30,000 silver, which is not very much, but players with acute silver deficiency can do so at least one or the other repair.

Anikka Full Tournament Quest - Lost Ark Online Closed Beta
Most recently, Amazon published the Roadmap Lost Arks for the months of April and May. Among other things, the new class of lance carrier is still expecting us this month, and in May, the first Legion Raid of the MMORPG, Valtan will appear. Improvements of the honing probabilities, which make many players of the MMO in the madness, but were not announced. With these we can probably expect at the earliest to the publication of the second Legion RAIDs.

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