How to warm you up at the fireside in the Winterfest Lodge in Fortnite

Warm yourself by the Fireplace in the Winterfest Lodge *LOCATION* Winterfest Challenges (Fortnite)
If you are looking to gather all collectibles during the Winterfest event at FORTNITE, so today’s challenge can trouble you a little.
The challenge is to “warm up near the Winterfest Lodge fireplace,” but it can be a bit difficult to understand what it means.
But we have to help you, and better yet, you will not have to play a real game to get it.
In the main game menu, head to the Winterfest cabin where you can unpack free gifts from daily challenges.
Once you have entered the cabin, click on the Nutcracker character in the chair.
This will load a new screen with several things with which to interact.

Click on the fire and wait a little.
After waiting long enough, you should see an amount of distributed exp.
After that, just pull out the lodge and the challenge should be finished and the object unlocked.