Final Fantasy XIV

What is FFXIV Heardle and how to play

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy XIV and look forward to the next update, you may need to take a little divert to pass the time. And one of the ways is a cool little game in Gadayku. Heardle is a musical game for guessing, based on Wordle, and recently becoming a fan fan fantasy XIV. FFXIV Hurdle came out based on the original.

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The game is pretty simple. Every day you will hear an excerpt from the song from Final Fantasy XIV. Then you will have g Find out the name of the song . If you can’t get it from the first time 1.5 seconds songs, then you will receive one hundred and and a half after each assumption until you understand correctly. You have a maximum of six guesses, that is, only nine seconds of the song.

FFXIV Heardle works best on Mobile Since on the desktop it slows down a bit, so to play the game, go to Currently, the game is in the second day (at the time of writing), but it works in the local time zone of your phone, so it will be updated at 00:01 every day.

Since this is a small project, the site can sometimes be overloaded, so be patient if it is unavailable when you are trying. In general, FFXIV Heardle is an excellent test for Final Fantasy XIV superfan. If you do not know the names of some iconic musical compositions Final Fantasy XIV, then it may be the best way to learn and quickly learn when you are trying to call the song that you heard hundreds of times, fighting with the boss.

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