Kingdom Hearts 4 announced for the 20th anniversary

A new chapter has truly written today, and it concerns the Kingdom Hearts series. Square Enix took advantage of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary in Japan to unveil three trailers, including a unveiling the first steps of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4, the next major component of his Great Action-RPG saga.

Neither exit date nor platforms – do not dream – but at least the confirmation that Sora will once again be in the heart of the plot, which follows the “trilogy” concluded in early 2019. This appeal is obviously Echo the ultimate revelations of the series, plunging into a contemporary Japan that the mysterious heroin presents like the “quadratum”. He visibly sold seven days since the arrival of our hero in this “other world”, a sleep time sufficiently long to see a huge threat to burst in the heart of megalopoly. Equipped with his Keyblade, Sora will crack the Goliath under the eye of the hoodies, while Donald and Dingo seem to wander hoping to raise his trace.

Difficult to draw lessons on a plan of the gameplay at this stage, except that the traditional action-RPG fomule seems respected to the letter, with flights and the QTE to rhythm the fights, without forgetting of course the row of Controls on the lower left of the screen, opposite usual gauges.


Kingdom Hearts 4 – Trailer of the 20th Anniversary


On the front of the mobile game, another major spring of the series, the publisher also split two trailers, the first to announce the arrival of a major update for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, a new chapter planned For the month of August 2022, the second to reveal a new project supposed to take over on Android and iOS. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will be entitled to its closed beta during the year on a panel of territories, to accommodate arena fighting on a parallel intrigue background. In short, the beautiful story between Square Enix and Disney continues, hoping that games know less delays than the third episode.