Genshin Impact: Alle 3 Lumenstone

A new gadget, the lumenstone adjuvant Genshin impact requires lumenstone ORE to exploit its greatest possible potential. As a result, players can not only explore the depths of the abyss more efficiently, but also get a series of rewards, including a crown of insight, entangled destinye and well-known destiny, talent books and a name card for their player’s profile as they level it. So you get all Lumenstone ORES delivered with the publication of The Chasm and Patch 2.6.

Where can I find all 3 lumenstone ORE in Genhin Impact?

The first lumenstone ore is obtained for the conclusion of a world quest in a chain of world quests associated with the abyss, while the remaining two are found in the Oberwelt of Underground Mine . Genshin impact has always tended to publish a world quest series in addition to the region that you have introduced with the latest patch to lead the player through the area. The abyss is no exception.

Follow The Chasm Delvers World Quest series until you have completed it Cave researchers, Completing this world quest brings the player to his first Lumenstone Ore. It will also open further quests that unlock the subsequent areas. The next Lumenstone Ore can be found after leaving the main mining area and in the stony halls, will be unlocked after completion of the world quest the debris of the heavenly st1. Before you go downwards in The Chasm, Should there be a glowing ore that sends a light beam. Lift this as it is the second lumen stone energy.

The last lumenstone Ore is much further in the subways, just before the last area of the entire region. Go onwards from The glowing Narrows waypoint and players are stopped by a door. This requires a key element to unlock that you get when you do it Dangers in the dark. This is a successful world quest The debris of the heavenly st1. The use of the key object opens the door and allows the player, continue to move forward through the passage. Next to the path is a tent that contains the last lumenstone ORE, next to Fatui Action Log: Part IV , a book describing the FATUI operations down in The Chasm.

This should cover all the lumenstone ores that can be obtained in exploring the underground mines that represent the main obstacles to the appreciation of the lumenstone adjuvant. Now the players should focus on finding all the lumen spat scattered in the mines. They are much more common than Lumenstone Ores, with a total of 80 of them distributed over the mines. However, since collecting all the lumenstone territory served to improve the adjuvant, this is a process that needs to be performed to get all offered rewards. If not only because of a few trains more.

Genshint Impact is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS.

  • This article was updated on April 7, 2022

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