“Apex Legends Mobile” Pre-registration of iOS version is being accepted! Community rewards that increase with the number of registereders

Electronic Arts has launched a pre-registration acceptance of the basic play for mobile royal actions for 2022.

This work optimizes UI and operability for mobile based on the popular battle royal shooter “Apex Legends”. Currently, while receiving pre-registration, you can earn various community rewards, such as skins and badges at the time of the number of registered players.

The pre-registration of the newly started iOS version is a format that registers an email address from the official site. The Android version can be registered from the Google Play Store. The mobile version does not support cross play with a PC or console version.

Required Operating Environment


Android device

  • SOC: SnapDragon 435 / Hisilicon Kirin 650 / Mediatek Helio P20 / EXYNOS 7420

  • Android 6.0

  • OPEN GL 3.1 or higher

  • 4 GB free space

  • 2 GB RAM or more

Apple Device

  • iPhone 6S or later

  • OS version: 11.0 or later

  • CPU: A9

  • 4 GB free space

  • 2 GB RAM or more

“Apex Legends Mobile” plans to launch within 2022. Currently, LINE stamp is being delivered for free. In addition, please visit the official Twitter for the latest game.