Akore Games, Mobile SLG Samway erased One-store formal launch

Ackore Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, Representative Lee, Cheong) said it announced its new mobile strategy game that is developed and service.

The ‘Three Kingdoms erased’ was first serviced in Google Play and Apple App Store on January 20th, and to improve the accessibility of domestic users.

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For the users who participated in the One Store Advance Registration, the number of jels 500, the reserves 1000, and the conventional army, as well as a one-store item 40% discount coupon.

This game is an SLG, which is spreading from a vast battlefield of over 4 million square, fast speed and flashing combat maximizing the immersion.

Especially, we have adopted the entry wall of new users by adopting seasons to make it possible to make it possible to the victim without being bought in the billing element.

It also utilizes motion capture and unreal engine 4 technology, and it is an achievement of amazing quality, which seems to live a breath.

For more information about the game, you can check through the official café.