LOL – Patch 12.7 PBE: A controversial update that only thinks about the competitive

In such a quiet season, an element that spurred the community of League of Legends and Riot Games has announced a few changes loaded with controversy for the next patch 12.7. Some adjustments to champions, new Visual Skins and Reworks are already available on the test server and will arrive at the live client when the version is introduced next Wednesday, April 13 according to the official calendar of Riot Games updates.

Patch 12.7: An update that thinks about professionals

The developer has not secretly saved that the new version focuses on moving a bit of the metajame overlooking the next international event of League of Legends. The MSI will start in the coming weeks and from Riot Games they wanted to enhance the campus of champions available for professional players facing the event, betting on a greater amount of show that derives in very problematic power reductions as those who will suffer Ryze , Lee without , Zeri or Jayce . All of them are characters at all bright in qualifying to which professionals take out too much.

However, this situation will also result in some not so popular champions to increase their power. Some of them, like Neeko , threaten to become true monsters in qualifying games. However, Chamaleona is not the only one that can end up in a very good position. A total of 10 characters will receive positive adjustments that the ‘Mains’ of these champions have been waiting for some time. Particularly outstanding is the improvement of gwen , with which Riot Games sinned excess aggressiveness the last time he introduced changes.

We are facing a very extensive patch in referenced to adjustments to gameplay, but that also includes many cosmetic content. To the launch of the expected Skins Arcana for Xayah , Rakan , Hecarim , AHRI and RYZE join a total of three large visual updates. Without getting to the Rework category because there will be no changes in your game models, the particles and visual effects of the skills of up to three champions will be improved: ORIANNA , Shaco and Leona . A great renovation that marks a very good rhythm in the company.

Summary of patch 12.7

Next we will review all the changes that have already been introduced in the PBE, but before we will quickly review what will receive changes in the next 12.7 patch.

Changes to champions

LS | LoL PATCH 12.6 RUNDOWN - Hecarim GONE + Rengar mini Rework + Tryndamere nerf

  • Improvements: Gangplank, Gwen, Kalista, Karthus, Lillia, Neeko, Pantheon, Wukong, Yasuo and Yone
  • Nerfs: Jayce, Lee Sin, Ryze and Zeri
  • Settings: RENGAR

Changes to objects

  • Improvements: Runic Guja, Abyssal Mask
  • Nerfs: Winter arrival, Lunar stone renovator, hurricane wind

Changes to RUNAS

  • NERF: Temporary distortion tonic

New Skins and Visual Updates

  • Skins Arcana: Ahri, Hecarim, Ryze, Xayah and Rakan
  • VFX updates: Leon, Orianna and Shaco