After Days Gone 2 Cancellation: New alleged game by Sony Bend sounds great boring

Much has been written in the last few months via Sony Bend. After Sony was not satisfied with the sales figures and the reviews for Days Gone, a successor of the bar was advanced. At the First Party Studio one felt unfairly treated, as some units could be deposed by the title – in about as many as of Ghost of Tsushima – and now there is a large fan base for Days Gone.

Now a leak could reveal the type of title the studio instead of Days Gone 2 worked. According to the insiders of Oops Leaks, the work title “Project Propaganda” is. The details of Genre, Setting and Gameplay blade according to an old acquaintance.

Sony Bend could work on game à la Metal Gear Solid

These details reveals the leak: According to Oops Leaks, Project Propaganda plays at the end of the Cold War, sometime in the 80s. Just like Days Gone, Sony Bends should also have an Open World Next game. But instead of action, the focus should clearly be on Stealth. “Metal Gear Solid V with denser locations,” it says in the leak. Also online elements and even Koop should give it.

The whole thing sounds very much like MGS V, and that would also make sense. After all, it is very unlikely that Konami will publish a high quality offshoot from the franchise in the next few years. And Sony Bend has already experience in the Schleich Genre with syphone filter. Even though Oops Leaks has not yet proven to be a reliable source, we can well imagine that Sony has set its Bend studio to a MGS replacement.

How to look like a Days Gone 2, tells us Sony Bend here:

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Not the first info: The leak also fits the statements from PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst, who betrayed that Sony Bend will take on some elements from Days Gone at their next project. It is also known that Days Gone 2 should include a shared open-world and co-op elements that may now find their way in Project Propaganda.

Really exciting does not sound: Syphon filter is a pretty interesting series, no question, but the last offshoot appeared in 2007 for the PSP. Only the fewest at Sony Bend should have had something to do with the game. In addition, the setting of the Cold War of MGS, Cod and other games was sufficient. And the direct comparison with the storytelling of Hideo Kojima Project Propaganda can probably only lose.

A mix of syphone filter and MGS V – what do you think of Sony Bend’s alleged project?