Then we would experience much more third league

Rider knows himself in the industry, for years, the shops of the German Football Intermediary Association DFVV, as well as the law firm Dr. Rider & Dr. Kemmeries. In conversation with the DFB Managing, the lawyer criticizes the licensing procedure for the 3rd league as meaningful and promotes a complete realignment of the league below the two DFL leagues.

Mr. Reiter, DFB Managing Director Game Operation Manuel Hartmann finally underscored that in the case of TurkGücü, the mistakes are reluctant among the dealers. In addition, the DFB emphasizes the uniqueness of the case. How do you see that as a long-term lawyer and insolvency administrator?

The fact that the setting of the game operation at TurkGücü has previously unique, is certainly not due to the licensing process of the DFB, but the German insolvency law. Each preliminary insolvency administrator is initially obliged to continue a found non-closed debtor business and to prepare a possible renovation. If the preliminary insolvency administrator wants to set the operation, he deviates from his obligations and can do the only with the approval of the court or in the opening procedure with the approval of the creditor assembly and only if the continuation is impossible or economically unreasonable. The recruitment of a current business operations is therefore not so common. The fact that it has come here is actually just how dramatically the financial situation has been at TurkGücü.

The association refers to a dramatic increase in personnel expenses. From planned three million euros in licensing at the end of five million.

If it was due to personnel expenses, then you have to ask yourself the question why the club gets the license with a planned personnel expense of three million euros and then in the next transfer phase can increase to five million euros. What does the controlling actually look at the DFB if you have one at all?

That must answer the association. The 3rd league applies to many clubs as a stopover to the meat pots of DFL, the incentive to go over the limits, is great. Do not make it a bit too easy by attacking the licensing process?

In the core one must state that the DFB is always and with increasing security for licensing. The license negotiations I have experienced myself not the serious examination of economic conditions. The fact that the DFB “promised liquidity” accepts without examining the background of the promising shows how sensational is the license procedure. The bankruptcy order specifies in the core how liquidity and economic plans can be on a legally safe. There is no need for DFB special rights. It would be enough if you fall back to what is required anyway and mandatory from the clubs that are balanced.

This should in principle be in the sense of any club management. But again: they criticize, but they do not have a solution…

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The solution is in the law. What the legislator requires each company is enough. The 3rd league is actually an economic catastrophe that none – except the DFB, is why it requires special right. The DFB weighs the responsible persons in the clubs in a false security. These believe that they fulfill their duties if they deliver what the DFB demands. If the insolvency administrator then comes, then evil comes awakening because the DFB documents are completely too insufficient and the responsible persons suddenly adhere to personally. Here, the DFB meets responsibility towards the association. If you would use conventional valuation principles, then we would experience significantly more of the third division. The number of bankruptcies is already high using the special right. Think of Aachen, Krefeld, Erfurt, Kaiserslautern, Turkish.

Again: The problem is known, but do you have a solution?

It would be more correct to abolish the 3rd league and to differentiate at levels of the regional, for example in North, South, West and East, how to do earlier in the third highest class. That would be for the individual clubs less costs with simultaneous higher attractiveness of the games. In the end, playoffs could be the rise in the 2nd Bundesliga, similar to how it is already in England. The problem is that the DFB is simply overwhelmed in its current structure with the leadership of a league under business principles. There is a lack of professionals in the headquarters, which deals with the matter, and not about the personal vanity of their own “DFB league”.