“Elden Ring” Ladern for star crushing with “fault fix” of the latest Apde. Weakened strongest warrior, get power again

From April 4, the From Software started delivery of “Elden Ring” update. In the same Apde, fix a defect that the power of the attack of the star radan (hereinafter referred to as Radn) is lowered. It is virtually strengthening while correcting the problem. Note that the following sentences contain spoilers about the Radan of Elden Ring.

Speaking of Radan, it is a big boss that fights at the battlefield of Keilid’s red lion castle. Unlike general bosses, this battle starts the battle in a distance far away from Radan. While calling warriors, it’s approaching and fighting with Ladan. As you can see from that situation, the Radan is very strong. From his big body, we will deliver a fierce attack and clear the warriors including the player. From that strength, he is also said to be one of Demigod’s strongest warriors.

On the other hand, Radan was too strong, or it was also reported that he was weakened by version 1.03 updates. Although not mentioned from the formal, there is a report that the attack range is reduced or damage downward (related articles). The user responds with such information. Radna had dissatisfied with alcohol. Whether they were strong and they won, they are not scared to protect the Identity of Radn, but there were many criticisms for radan weakening.

And this time the show software is conducted by adjusting the radar. “The power of some attacks was not intended.” In other words, it was virtually upward revision. In fact, it is not clear how much the radan has been weakened, and what extent that it has been revised this time. However, Radan is weak, and it is certain that he has recovered power when correcting this defect. Although it is strong, the Radarn match with the leading powerful force. The strongest warrior challenging.

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