Paderborn becomes first

The Battle of Paderborn - 1945

It was a duel of two dimensional teams: On Wednesday evening, the SC Paderborn II won the last five film winner SV Schermbeck with 2: 1. The gates for the SC Paderborn, for which it was the last duel in the preliminary round of the Oberliga Westfalen, achieved Tugbenyo (42.) and Wagner (71.). In the meantime, the homeland had balanced by Özdemir (50th). “It was expecting that intense game against an experienced robust Schermbeck team. Nonetheless, we have taken this hurdle and in the end deserves the place as a winner,” says Paderborn coach Bertels after playing.

For the SC means: he goes as a table management in the master round at the start. The harshest pursuer FC Kan-Marienborn would have to win his game on Sunday at Holzwicked SC with nine goals lead, he wanted to unbutton Paderborn the “spring title”. Schermbeck, already certainly qualified for the master round, has another catch-up game at Prussia Münster II in front of the chest.

Vreden closes to Sprockhövel

On the second Wednesday game, they were also curious in the sports friends from Siegen – with a victory of the TSG Sprockhövel, the sports lovers had slipped under the bottom line. So it did not happen, the TSG lost that for you so important home game against the SPVGG Vreden with 2: 3. Sprockhövel after aqueous first half even went through Kyeremateng (53.) and Antwi-Adjejeje (68th) twice. But the guests, for the Wüpping (57th) scored the interim 1: 1 compensation, shocked the TSG in the last minute: Only Ivanusic achieved after a corner under goody using TSG-Keeper Michels 2: 2 (85th), then after a wide ball and an extension suddenly Hinkelmann was alone in front of the keeper and remained cool – 3: 2 (89.). The homeland was completely served.

Because what does this result mean for the table? Both Eintracht Rheine and the TuS Erndtebrück now ensure participation in the rising round. Siegen has the rise round with a victory in the final home game again in his own hand, on the other hand, after this first lost “final” must hope for a slip-up of the winner and win against Gütersloh himself. Low residual opportunities continues to have the SC Prussia Münster II.