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Epic Games are currently one of the best Warhammer

Last month, only with was totally: Warhammer 3 The final part of the strategy trilogy appeared, and even if she comes to a quite beginner in some areas, she has various new systems and mechanics that did not exist in the predecessors. Say, if you like to get into the Total War-Warhammer series, part 1 may be more for you. And if so, we have really good news for you!

Strategy epic for Lau!

Until April 7, 2022, at 5:00 pm, you can use Via Epic Games Store Total: Warhammer secure, and free. Also, some of the add-ons can be activated free of charge, for example Grombindal The White Dwarf or Isabella by Carstein . And the most important thing: The game from 2016 is still a really good total-War offshoot, with which your dozen hours can have fun.

In our test by TOTAL was: Warhammer wrote colleague Christian at that time:

Total War Warhammer is FREE right now! [Epic Games Store]

_ “To convince the fans from the Total War Warehouse of Warhammer and vice versa, should be roughly as difficult as a Horde Orcs to a new Waaagh war train – unless Creative Assembly would have missed the matter and a bad pipeline Game delivered. But do not have both systems benefit from each other and become an even more great game than the items have been to be found separately: Total was doing the sheer pathos and the saber rattles, the colorful strap and the martial vice of Warhammer good and Can now turn out of full with respect to units and fractions._

On the other hand, Warhammer benefits from the totally-war treatment, which allows tabletop generals finally enabling the old world to build armies before and after the battle and stroll and break on great conquests and quests. The whole thing does not take place for you in the game no longer with in static poses frozen miniature figures, but with beautifully animated regiments of warriors and spectacular persistent single fighters – and the best: they must not even be painted by hand!

For a totally, the Ki beats properly, performance and loading times (if the game is installed on an SSD plate) also fully okay, and it makes, thanks to a compared to the predecessor was totally: Attila again accelerated game flow in The campaign, a hammer-like fun. So: helmet off, creative assembly, the experiment has succeeded. An absolute buy recommendation for Warhammer fans and totally-war players. “

More gifts from EPIC

In parallel to Total was: Warhammer, by the way, are the action adventure City of Brass for free this day in the Epic Games Store. The titles of the coming week are also exciting when the April fully starts: Rogue Legacy , a popular rogue lite, and the atmospheric Mystery game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter .

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