Wow: New reagent evaluates Rank 1 Legendary

Legendary blanks in Wow: Shadowlands so far cost so much gold because the activation for the craftsmen was very cumbersome and costly. Rank 2 The blanks must be activated by making 15 Rang-1 blanks, 3, crafts 15 Rang-2 blanks, etc. Especially the blanks on low ranks land in the trash, because players of course the highest Itemlevel to prefer. And now we have arrived in place 7.

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How To UPGRADE LEGENDARIES To Rank 7 (Item Level 291) In Patch 9.2

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With a new Item Vestige of the Devourers, nothing changes to this approach, but at least for new craftsmen who venture into the blank business, the production of blanks on low ranks slightly more sensible.

Vestige of the Devourers can be bought from the call level benevolent at the enlightened in Zereth Mortis for 4,800 Gold . The optional reagent sets the ITemlevel of a rank 1 blank on Itemlevel 249 and is reasonably useful compared to the rank-1-itemlevel (190) and may be in the auction house.

nothing half and nothing whole?

In the community, this approach of developers reveal many questions. Recently, the drop chance for ProGenitoressentia has been increased and the amount of materials for rank-7 legendarys was reduced to make the 291er items more affordable.

Really interested in 249 items, nobody really has that really more. Maybe you get this rather than 190s items. But you also have to ask yourself the question of who starts with the blank production from rank 1 so late in the extension. How do you find this change? Useful or superfluous? Would the developers have to start elsewhere? Write us in the comments.

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