The developers of League of Legends confirm minireworks for 2 more champions

Riot Games is working on what it calls “Medium Scope Updates” for two more _ Legends_ Champions, confirmed the studio this week. The champions that are being seen at this moment are Taliyah and Olaf with each of their changes currently “in flight”, although it has not yet been said what will change in their kits. Riot added that he is beginning to accelerate work in this type of update, so it seems that we will see more announced and worked after it is advanced in those of Olaf and Taliyah.

Riot August, the leading champion designer for liga who created champions like Jinx, Viego and Zeri, announced on Twitter this week plans to adjust Olaf and Taliyah. For those who are not up to date on how Riot analyzes the various adjustments and reappointments of his champions, the work that is being done in these will be similar in scale and scope to what was done with Ahri, Janna, Xin Zhao, Sona and Luciano in the past.

In a follow-up Tweet, Riot August said that the objective of this type of medium scope updates, often called “mini reappointments” or something similar by the community, is “revitalize” champions who have lost their shine to A bachelor’s degree.

“These changes try to revitalize the characters who have lost a bit of their shine over time, the ideal is that they are something that excited the players of those champions!” Riot August said.

Based on only the answers to those tweets, people who favor one or both of these champions already have general ideas about what they would like to happen. Taliyah, for example, is a magician, which means that it would normally be played in the central lane, but it is used much more frequently in the jungle. Requests have already been expressed to have it back in half, and although we still do not know what it is her plan for her, it seems a guess as good as any other at this moment.

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Olaf, on the other hand, is a pretty one-dimensional champion with a kit created to simply pursue people and be unstoppable during that hunt, so maybe the Kit of Him is a bit more interactive after the end of its update.