How to play the RECON class in APEX LEGENDS

Until Season 6, APEX Legends classes were nothing more than a small icon at the portrait of each legend. They were not linked to any mechanics of the game and their sole purpose was to refer to the intended use of the legend. They did not do it too well either. Pathfinder was initially classified as a carrier even if it were completely different from Lifeline, then became recon even if it is completely different from Bloodhound and Crypto. In addition, so far, APEX LEGENDS realistically had two classes: Fragger and Wattson.

Now, the Apex Legends class system has actually meaning behind it, because the three legends of the Recon class have a common capacity and will serve an essential objective by helping their teams to perform card rotations.

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Recognition Class Capacity

Recon Legends now share the old passive ability of Pathfinder: by interacting with the survey tags, they can reveal the location of the next ring to their team. The legends of the RECON class are Bloodhound, Crypto and Pathfinder. Bloodhound and Crypto retain all their previous passive capabilities, and Crypto can now interact with Survey Beacons using his dr1. In doing so, the interaction is instantaneous, while it normally passes through a long animation.

To keep an advantage as an original Beacon Surveyor in Apex Legends, Pathfinder has a new passive bonus. Whenever it uses a sounding tag, its ultimate charging time is definitely lowered by 10 seconds. With optimal use, it can reduce its ultimate recharge time from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.