FC Bayern | Ex-Gladbacher enthuses: Davies is an icon

Julian Nagelsmann in the FC Bayern Video Podcast
In furious manner, Canada marched by the North American World Cup qualifier and last secured for the second time in the history of the ticket for the final round. The former Gladbacher Rob Friend has now emphasized what important the World Cup heroes to enjoy Alphonso Davies from FC Bayern in the home.

“Phonso has access to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Rapper Drake, he is long more than a great athlete. Davies is an icon. And the boys like the older fans he tears with his positive kind anyway,” said the 41-year-old ” Kicker “.

The Canadian selection had solved the World Cup ticket on Sunday through a 4-0 against Jamaica. The team had previously established himself as the surprise in the qualification in North America and finished excretion in the table before the favorite Mexico and the USA.

Not only by the success of the national team is Canada to his football nation, Friend continued: “Who thinks that Canada is just an ice hockey nation, which has missed the last few years here. The World Cup qualifier was one of the main topics everywhere, Thousands have celebrated in the big cities. “

Is Alphonso Davies at the World Cup Topfit?

The new generation of top players now help to make football in the country even more popular: “Football is next to ice hockey and basketball a top 3 Worlds here. Since 2019, our Premier League has always been developing. Many kids play football, even because, for example, ice hockey is very expensive. And now they finally have role models, that’s incredibly important. “

A clear goal for the World Cup finals in Qatar in November, Friend did not want to formulate. “It also depends on the group, and if, for example, Davies is Topfit,” he realized with a view of the heart problems with which the Bayern player had last struggled.

It is hard for Friend that it will become a big festival throughout the country: “By participating, we can further expand our fan base in the country, because we did not have such a global event for 36 years.”

Friend played in his career among others for Borussia Mönchengladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hertha BSC. Canada has first qualified for a football World Cup since 1986.