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Netmarble, 2022 Korea Brand Star Selected

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Representative Dogo Wook) announced that the brand value assessment is selected for the ‘Brand Star in 2022, the Brand Star of Brand.

This investigation is that the brand stark selects the first place in the brand value by the domestic industry division and selects the Brand Star 2022 Korea’s brand star, and on January 3, The investigation was made.

In this survey that 170,000 members participated in the brand members, Netmarble was a total of 850.4 points (1,000 points), and 2.3 points rated by the previous year. The brand share price index returned to 608.2 points (700 points out of 5), and the consumer survey index received 242.0 points (300 points).

The brand stark is “Marvel Contest of Champions”, “Marvel Contest of Champions”, ‘Seven Calaries: Grand Cross’, ‘Seven Clooders: Grand Cross’, Existing games such as the existing games were steadily popular. “

Winners of the '2022 Korea First Brand Awards'

Netmarble officials said, “Through its own IP enhancement strategy, Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022, ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, and Seven Knights Revolution, and Saven Knights Revolution. I will do my best to make the value more consistently. “

Meanwhile, in this survey, Koway, a netmarble affiliate, was selected for the ‘Brand Star’ in 2022 in three sectors such as water purifier, air purifier, and bidet.