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League of Legends: How to get free Riot Points with Microsoft Rewards

At the time of playing League of Legends there is an infinity of items that can be redeemed with the different coins of the game. Among them are the blue and orange essences, but there are also the Riot Points, the currency of the Moba de Riot Games.

However, the company has reached an agreement with Microsoft so that we can get Riot Points for free with the help of Microsoft Rewards . That is why in the following guide we will explain exactly what the process consists of.

How to get free Riot Points with Microsoft Rewards

This collaboration that has carried out both companies is already available and the way to take advantage of it is very simple. You will only need to have a Microsoft account and access your Microsoft Rewards points and rewards panel.

From there you will find several articles in which you can exchange the points you are doing with this program. In this way, you will receive free 100 Riot Points in exchange for 1,500 points , although you can also save and use 6,500 points to take you 650 Riot Points.

Get Free RP ???? with Microsoft Rewards in League of Legends | Fix Country or Region not available

Best of all is that no limit has been established, so you can reverse your points in this reward all the times you want. An excellent way to add this payment coin from League of Legends at your own without spending a single penny. So only your time.

Within the game itself, the Riot Points are used to unlock the champions and their respective skins, chests, keys and are also indispensable for battle passes who are published from time to time.

On the other hand, Microsoft Rewards points will go by adding to your account based on doing homework as navigating the network with Bing, complete tests or by successfully ending the different challenges of Xbox Game Pass.