Apex Legends Unshackled

The Warrior’s collecting event of Apex Legends has just started just, but a new set of Apex Legends Unshackled event leaks has appeared online. Leader and DataMiners already share information about the next in-game event on the way to the Battle-Royale shooter of Respawn Entertainment; They reveal a return to FlashPoint LTM, a new two-week reward tracker and another batch of thematic cosmetics. This is done only a few days after a large number of Apex Legends characters is leaked.

FlashPoint is a game mode that many agree that a comeback is long overdue – and many Apex Legend’s players may not even know what it’s all about. In FlashPoint, all halets were removed and instead FlashPoint zones, which cure players, scattered through the map. When a player stands in one, he is healed and his shields are refilled.

This LTM was recently playable in October 2020 during the Aftermarket Collective Event.

At the moment, if Respawn Entertainment has optimized and updated the game mode, but a reliable leader of Apex Legends shrug reveal the Flashpoint could be available from April 19 on Olympus – When the Unshackled Event is supposed to start.

Kralrindoin Further Reliable Apex Legends LEAKER, has shared further information about the Unshackled Event – including legend skins and a new two-week reward track.

If the Leaks are right, the Unshackled Event will introduce legendary skins for Wraith, Crypto, Pathfinder and Valkyrie In addition to epic skins for Fuse, Revenant, Lifeline and Wattson. In addition, during the event, four legendary weapons skins in unshackled apex packs will be available – with a total of 40 cosmetic objects.


For fans looking for an indication of what will come in Season 13 of Apex Legends, they have unlucky. It does not look like the Unshackled event will be important for the evolving story of Apex Legends. The event description that can be found above the divided reward track is as follows:

PreisStracker (2/6) pic.twitter.com/tvhpcfrxxh

  • Kralrindo (@Kralrindo) 29. March 2022

“Chains are there to be broken – you just have to go the way to unleash your strength. When Flashpoint comes to Olympus, you have this path. If you are in a FlashPoint field, you’ll be healed, so stay in the fight. Close challenges, earn points, turns awards free and unleash your anger on your enemies. “

About the reward path of the Unshackled events, players can unlock Battle Pass Stars, themed-related apex packs and an epic sener-skin.

Lifeline seems to be an obvious choice for Flashpoint, but look at our APEX Legends ranking to get recommendations with whom you should rush in the fight. It is also worth reading the latest patchotes to apex legends – you can never be well prepared well enough, especially without med-kits and a shield battery.