Ghostwire: Tokyo – 10 tips and tricks for entry

In this Tips Guide to Ghostwire: Tokyo Leaders:

  • How to use the environment to your advantage
  • What new skills should be unlocked shortly after the start of the game
  • Why animal feed is so important and what it has with spirit food

Ghostwire: Tokyo - 10 Minutes of PC Gameplay (Full Ray Tracing Enabled)

Ghostwire: Tokyo of Tango Gameworks takes you to an action-packed mystery adventure cross and transverse through Toky’s iridescent district Shibuya . What should be considered above all in the first class hours, this entry-level guide sketches.

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Try it more often as a Leisertreter

Struggles in Ghostwire: Tokyo can often be very stress-free masters when your opponent pulls back from traffic. So that this strategy goes up, you should first watch the enemy and analyze its ride for a brief.

If you are in a confusing environment, activates a pressure on the square button KKS ghost view . This indicates all the adversaries through walls through the help of gray silhouettes. Now goes in the squat, stitches you carefully from the back and activates “fast extinguishing” by means of L2.

However, there is another way to perform in Ghostwire: Tokyo Stealth attacks. Namely, if you make your opponent first with a stunning valley movement . Then approach quickly from behind and press the L2 button to set the maneuver. Do not worry: Hero Akito can not harm the dancing light flashes of the stunning valleyman.

Lift the bow for emergencies

In different cases it may happen that opponents are behind you and you no longer have enough ether to carry out magical wind, water and fire attacks. To be prepared for this case, you should cover in the various shops in Shibuya with arrows for the bow. These are not cheap with 300 Meika Pro Arrow , but judge harm to it.

This is especially true if you first tense the tendon completely and your adversary will hit the head or upper body. Another advantage of the sheet: Akito can use him even if KK does not give him his powers.

Did you like the bow, then your skilled skills are first in the two Yuminarashi upgrades , which increase the pace when tensioning the tendon. Only then is it worth to increase the carrying capacity (Yumitsukai).

Do not be afraid of falling from big height

Normally, Akito would hardly survive a fall from higher floors of a building. However, since mind KK has taken possession of him possession, he can also easily bump from high altitude into the deep. Uses this extraordinary ability – on which the game itself never indicates – and the way down from large buildings is a thing of seconds .

uses red etheric crystals to your advantage

In areas with mighty enemies, the developers of Ghostwire: Tokyo often placed so-called red ether crystals – mostly represented as red glowing, floating in the air benzinkanister or propane bottles . Imagine their position well and then lures the adversary near such a container. The latter works best if you meet the opposing ghostly with a magical remote attack and then goes near the crystal.

As soon as the enemy is only a few meters from the crystal, she flees her escape and brings the vessel through direct shelling to the explosion. This works both with magic attacks as well as with the bow. Accuracy: The pressure wave has a quorful force, so pay attention to sufficient distance. Destroyed ether crystals leave a little ether – mostly from the element fire. Subsequent consultation of the explosion body is worthwhile.

Katashiro upgrades avoid long running paths

Over 240,000 ghosts of people are in Ghostwire: Tokyo vast – and you can save them all. Means for the purpose are the so-called Katashiro, traditional Japanese paper puppets , the ghosts and enable their transport.

The problem: Each of them can only absorb a single ghost collection. If all your start-katashiro filled, you can only save new ghosts if you have transfers the already collected ghosts on a telephone booth in security.

Initially, the procedure hardly bothers, but soon the constant detours to the next best telephone booth will be charged. Remedy creates the purchase of additional Katashiro . Main providers are also the shops that cash per paper doll 3,000 Meika. Works early on about 25 Katashiro, then time-consuming running paths will be spared in many game situations.

Which skills should I go up first?

Of course, the answer to this question depends heavily on your play style. In line with survival perspective, above all, the ability “Wakumusubi II” ** makes sense to find in the fourth column of the first talent tree. Because akito returns ten life points for each successfully performed core handle.

Afterwards, then it is still free to switch “Kukurihime I”, which increases the speed with which Akito opposes energy nuclei. “Ninigi i” should follow directly afterwards, whereby the tearing of the cores also works on short distance and can not be interrupted by enemies .

No less practical is “Hakkei I”, also called Eatschlag. Once unlocked, every successful melee hits produces ether, ie new ammunition for remote attacks. In a similar score, “Tatenui I” beats. Hereby ether is generated whenever a perfect block succeeds – so it blocks you exactly at the moment in which the opponent strikes. Positive side effect: If you succeed a perfect block, the enemy in addition to the tumblers and is charged without your attacks.

With regard to Akito’s ranging attacks (summarized under essential weaving), you initially focused on fast wind lots (“Shinatobe II”), the charged fire attack with increased radius (“Hinokagabiko I”) as well as “Takehaya II”, As a result of which the time decreases to carry out the particularly powerful, charged attacks.

regularly buys animal feed and food

Everywhere in Ghostwire: Tokyo meet her in the gameplay on stray dogs and cats. If you read your thoughts with the help of KKS skills, you will quickly find that often growls the stomach . If you feed the four-legged friends with dog-respective cat food (which is sold in a variety of stores), thank you twice. Once by throwing you a loyal look and once, just dragging the Ingame Currency Meika from the ground.

In addition, you should always carry enough food for your heroes in Ghostwire: Tokyo, especially since each squattered bite restored life energy restores . The numerous Japanese treats you either get by picking up white shopping bags carved in the game world or by covering your dealers.

Even better than regular food and drinks is spirit food – which you usually do not buy, but can only find . Because hospital food does not only regenerate lost life points, but also activates another positive effect.

Underworld-Yakuza Cracker, for example, make sure that opponents do not easily discover themselves, underworld-Oden doubles the time window for perfect blocking, underworld watermelons increase the damage due to essential weaving by ten percent and underworld-Dango ensures a 10% Defense thrust – to name only a few practical examples.

conjures tactical smart

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Akito releases the skill of essential weaving very early, which enables him to carry out magical remote attacks that harm the ghost. As soon as both wind, water and fire weaves are available, you should pay attention to use the ** attacks situation due to situations. If, for example, a pulk enemies directly in front of you, water weaving offers, as the attack is very wide and thereby hurts at the same time several opponents.

If, on the other hand, you want to eliminate a standard enemy with few hits in a few hits , the powerful flame explosions triggered by fire weaving are the means of choice. Windweaving in turn has the highest ammunition stock, but is initially less effective. However, do you rush in here the attack pace here, visitors hardly have a chance to avoid your attacks.

Important: experiments early with the charged attacks of all three element attacks. For this simply keep the R2 key pressed longer, wait until a small energy ball forms in your hand and then release. Windweaber produce so two target-seeking wind teasers , vitishers summon a large-scale water rug and fire vow generate a fireball, whose snapgradius is considerable four meters.

first completes co-missions that give Magatama

As soon as you have freed a map area by cleaning the associated shrine from the fog veil, a renewed view of the card reveals the starting positions of all co-missions in this area. Now moves the cursor on the map about each mission and checks which reward you with Magatama (represented by a yin-yang symbol).

Magatama is important insofar as it can turn off certain skills in the skill tree. For example, to get to the highest water weave stage , you need three Magatama balls. Whether you have found all the magnatama of a region, you see if you place the cursor on the map above the shrine of the area.

Rummet again and again in the database

Ghostwire: Tokyo is full of bizarre things that exist in the form only in Japan. The beautiful: While the story is experienced, all these discoveries are finely cleaned under the menu item “Database”. Festival in this ingame encyclopedia are completely optional and not mandatory to master the story.

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Whoever looks to the database again and again, will be amazed, which he still experiences everything about Japanese food, the landmarks Tokyo or Japanese relics. In addition, you want to dive deeper into the background story, then Lest necessarily KKS records and listens the numerous voice recordings.

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