Gather a dreamy youth, a netmarble game academy recruitment

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation will recruit participating adolescents to participate in the game Academy 7th Archive Academy 7th.

The game academy, which began in 2016, is a Netmarble Cultural Foundation social contribution activity that provides game development education for adolescents that dream of future games.

If you have interest and capacity of game development, anyone can apply for anyone, and you can choose the desired area during game planning, programming, and graphical design.

If you want to participate, you can download the application from the official homepage of the Netmarble Cultural Foundation, and then submit it with the portfolio you created, with your email ([email protected]).

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After the documents and in-depth types, the finalized student will receive their own games and specialized instructor mentoring throughout the game production, from May to about 8 months from May. In addition, the game rhinestones and exhibitions will be held together to make competencies.

“The Game Academy, who has been continued since 2016,” the game academy, which has been continued since 2016, provides a systematic educational curriculum accumulated through a positive training for about 570 futuristic games and is actively supported for students’ capabilities. ” I have a lot of adolescents of the enthusiasm and potential for games to recruitment. “

On the other hand, the first new game expert training program ‘Game Academy Boot Camp’, which was newly newly established last year, recruits two participants in June.

For more information, see Netmarble Cultural Foundation Official website.