The offer of League of Legends allows players to win unlimited PR

None liga of legends Ads or offers that advertise free Riot points are usually scams, but Riot Games now offers a way to allow players to gain real and truly an unlimited RP supply to use with the various study games. This is possible thanks to the Microsoft Rewards program, which now includes a “League of Legends Gift Card” as one of the possible rewards that you can purchase from removing points. The amounts that can be purchased are relatively small compared to some of the things that are offered at the various digital stores of Riot, but it is as free and inexpensive as any offer you find.

Riot tweeting about the Microsoft Rewards program through the Legenda_ Legenda program and other social networks this week to alert the players of the new offer. First you will have to join Microsoft Rewards, of course, but once you do it, you can go here or look for “League of Legends” at the Microsoft Rewards site to see the gift card in question.

When you win some Riot Points, you can do it in two different increments: 100 rp in exchange for 1500 points of Microsoft Rewards or 650 RP for 6500 Microsoft Rewards points. There are no other values ​​listed as options at this time.

Get Free RP ???? with Microsoft Rewards in League of Legends | Fix Country or Region not available

If we are looking only to liga de legends, 650 rp will only take you up to a point inside the game store. Aspects can cost up to 3250 RP for the most expensive aspects, but you will also find some older in the price range of 650. It is also worth remembering that champion masks are not your only option, as you can also buy items from Events, Chromas for masks or other cosmetics with this RP.

Not only are you limited to _ Legends_ Any1. The small letter of the reward says that the gift card can be exchanged in liga appropriate, as well as tactics of team fighting, legends of Runaterra, _ and valorant. _League of Legends: Wild crack, however, does not appear between the redeeable options.

If you are new to Microsoft Rewards, you may feel that these exchange goals are a bit out of your reach considering how small some of the task rewards are through the Microsoft program. However, those things are very fast: a few simple searches will give you 100 points in a relatively short period of time, and you will get more for using Microsoft Edge. Again, it requires very little effort on your part, even if the amounts of RP obtained are not enough to buy a new legendary mask or something, but it is an easy way to complete your purchases or finance things that you normally want. Pay for similar events and similar opportunities.