Neowiz, Brownerst IP New announcement online showcase on 29th

Neowu (joint representative door, Kim Seung-chul) announced on the 29th at 11 am on the 29th of the online showcase that announces its new work that utilizes ‘Brounderst’ IP.

The showcase proceeds through the Neo Yuz official YouTube channel for about 50 minutes, and the PDs each title will appear on a variety of information.

Bless Unleashed PC Announcement

In the showcase, the new two types of new work are being developed, such as ‘Brownerst Story’, ‘Brownerst & Puzzle’. You can see game images with the launch schedule, game information. Browners Story is a slogan with visual Nobel RPG, and it is a work that has been newly released in the storybook format by inheriting the storyline, battle, and art of the previous Brown Street. Browners & Puzzles feature a variety of hero combinations in a collection of puzzles with a collection-type RPG that combines a 3-match puzzle on a brownerst IP.

The update of the browner that matches the 5th anniversary of service is also disclosed. We plan to deliver the keywords prepared by the keywords called “evolution and regression” and future service directions.

In addition, the P & E (PLAY & EARN) service of ‘brave’ is a global service is also released for the first time. A load map that contains an introduction to the economic system, which is a block chain that is grafted to the brave, and the introduction of an NFT (substitute for generators), such as the introduction of an alternative.

On the other hand, at the end of the event, the hidden image will be released.