Fritzbox: phone dead? – Customers should urgently install updates

How to Update FRITZ!Box 4040 Router – Firmware Actualization
Fixed network customers of Telekom with a Fritzbox should definitely install an update. The safety standards have been adjusted.

Bonn (DPA / TMN) – Customers with a Fritzbox could currently have the problem that their phone is “dead”. Say: It’s not a tute to hear more, let alone it is possible to make calls. This may be due to the new security standards of the provider (more news about digital at Fritzbox).

fritzbox: phoning does not work? Update could bring solution

If you operate a Fritzbox router of the manufacturer AVM on a connection of the Telekom, the latest firmware (version 7.29) must have installed on the router. Only then all services work without restriction.

On the other hand, one of the versions 7.25 to 7.28 is still working on the Fritzbox, the company has been possible since 15 March, the company announces. Background is compliance with safety standards for encrypted communication. The internet work on however.

fritzbox broken? Customers should install update

To check which firmware version is installed, call the user interface of the FritzBox. For this you tap “fritz.box” in the address bar of the browser. There, the extended view is activated via the three-point menu at the top right and navigates to “System / Update / FRITZ! OS file”.

If there is an old firmware version at the factory, you should install the latest. After that, it is recommended to enable auto updates so that the fritzbox updates will automatically play at the future.