CYBERPUNK 2077 TTRPG products are on the way

The creator of the ciberpunk The franchise confirms that there are plans to manufacture table games products based on the characters and the world that are seen in the ciberpunk 2077 game. Talking in an interview with Decebreaker earlier this week, Ciberpunk Creator Mike Pondsmith confirmed that there are plans to make query books based on ciberpunk 2077. 207 Consultation books «I can not say much more than that. I have sworn to keep the secret by a group of very high and calm Polish men. “

PONDSMITH originally published ciberpunk in 1988 and since then has updated the game three times, updating the world and jumping forward in the timeline through new editions. R Tajorian Games of Pondsmith currently publishes ciberpunk red, _ that is set approximately 22 years before _ciberpunk 2077 but uses the same continuity. In the interview, Pondsmith pointed out that the company is responsible for maintaining the ciberpunk timeline until the year in the 2060 universe, with CD Projekt Network in charge of later events. However, Pondsmith served as a consultant for Ciberpunk 2077 and collaborates with CD Projekt Rd in the creation of Futures DLC for the popular video game.

Cyberpunk Red RPG Rulebook Breakdown Made Easy

While r Tajorian Games continues to publish ciberpunk red material, the company’s focus is to fill the void between that game and ciberpunk 2077. «It is not as if we could turn off [cyberpunk red] and then say ‘now let’s do [cyberpunk 2077 ] ‘, “Said Pondsmith to DiseBreaker. “Many things are needed in the middle for a book of 2077 to make sense.”

CIBERPUNK 2077 was considered one of the most anticipated games of 2020, but had a disastrous release due to incredibly defective console versions. The game was deleted from the Sony PlayStation Store list for six months due to the number of errors. During the past year, CD Projekt Red launched several patches to improve performance. Despite the problems, Ciberpunk 2077 was a strong seller, with estimated sales of 25 million over a period of 12 months.