Blade and soul

Supercat, Grandth of Graduate Super Soul Token Air Drop Event First Progress

Claim 5000 ($700) MetaUFO Airdrop || No Gas Fee || Pancake Swap
Supercat (Representative Kim Young) announced on the 21st that the escape game of its development and service “Grandthill’s mansion” is subject to a super-soul (SST) airdrop event for the global server user.

‘Grandth of the Grand Prize’ was a renewal of the P2E element in February and has grown P2E elements. At the same time, we issued a super-soul (SST) to issue a new possibility of the pleasure of users.

Super Sollotokken (SST) is a token based on Klaytn mains, and the Grand Prize of the Grand Prize (SST) can be used within a game by replacing the Super Soul Tokken (SST) to the ‘Red Soul’ in the game. It is also possible to change the game ‘Red Soul’ from the exchanger to the Super Soul Tokken (SST) in the exchange.

This aired event will be held until April 17th, and a total of 27,000 super sulfurotokes (SSTs) are aired.

On the Events page, you can enter SNS ID, Greni’s Meeting Player ID, Wallet Address, and the like, and the top 100 rankings are aggregated according to the sum of the points that you have completed with a simple mission.

For the first-ranked participants who have acquired the most points, up to 1,500 super-soul (SSTs), depending on the premium rating in the game, and the super sprinkle (SST) will be given to 100th place.

It is also scheduled to pay additional compensation through a lottery for five thousand participants obtained above a certain point.