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How does the skill tree run in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Each profession you will increase, has a separate skill tree, but how do they work? As you get Operating levels You get Working glasses which you can highlight in a unique skill tree to get new abilities, liabilities and much more. However, Square Enix has added an option with which you can spend more work points to purchase the desired knot, instead of descending down the tree, but is it worth it?

How to effectively use wood skills in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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The most effective method of using the skill tree is one of two ways: descend down the skills with a small amount of work points and choose the desired abilities. Or you can accumulate a bunch of glasses of work, go down to an advanced class at the bottom and retain unlocking.

It unlocks all the nodes leading to this one fell, so you do not need to unlock them separately. But it does not unlock the nodes of the side branches. You will have to do this manually.

This can be done in any node of the tree. Each node that goes to the bottom of the tree adds the previous cost of the task over it, but as soon as the previous node is unlocked, it seems that it becomes cheaper, because it no longer adds all the nodes in front of him.

We will use the samurai work as an example. Unlock Blade Path Now there will be only two points of work instead of five, because all previous nodes are unlocked. Receiving nodes over it simply shows the actual cost of skill, and not the total number of all nodes to it.

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Another example: playing for a dragoon with a zero unlocked node, you need a total of nine work points to achieve the destroyer of tasks. If you accum nine glasses of work, you will unlock the following nodes.

  • LIGHT + 4.6%.
  • Skill jumps.
  • Burst through.
  • Win.
  • Physical damage + 2.9%.
  • Switch.

Thus, you can save time and nerves, unlocking them all at once. Just do not forget to return to each node that you unlocked to read that each of them makes or what benefits it brings work.

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