Werder Bremen | Start of IMPF

Ex-Werder coach Markus Start has asked for his fake vaccination sentence for his first public appearance since the scandal.

“I did just live up to my role model function. I have disappointed many people, lied to a great damage to my family,” said the former coach of second division Werder Bremen on Saturday night in the “ZDF vaccination sentences studio”.

“I can understand that many people are angry and disappointed,” Beginning said, “I would love to turn back the clock and undo this mistake.” He did not commit the fake himself, he was “no criminal man” despite his offense.

As a reason for his approach, the vaccine actroy was the beginning of the fear of a possible quarantine and the loss of his office. “I am a passionate coach and hung strongly on this job,” said the 47-year-old: “If you are in a leadership position, a club can not participate in several quarantine times in the long run.”

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Due to a past heart muscle inflammation, he still has “great anxiety” before the Corona vaccine. Even the heart attack of his father, who collapsed during the beginning of the 1st FC Cologne in April 2019 at a game on the grandstand, have played a role. “This fear is doing something with one and is difficult to take me,” Begin said, which is still unrema.

Beginning wishes a second chance

Over a possible future as a coach, he had “not thought anything yet,” he said, “Of course you wish to get a second chance, but I can not expect that.” Every day he think, “how stupid was of me,” he explained in a “Bams” interview.

On the question of what he would do differently today, the coach said: “With the knowledge of today I would go to the club and say that I am primarily afraid of vaccination. And that I hold in every positive case in the team or Go to the caregivers 14 days in quarantine. Then I would wait for the consequences of the club pulling. “

Beginning: “I did not come out there”

In the beginning despite lack of vaccination in November to participate in a carnival celebration, he described as a “huge bug”. He had been “trapped in the lie” at that time and “did not come out there,” said the 47-year-old.

In the course of the affair, the second division was withdrawn at the beginning of November, later he had confessed the act. On Friday, the judgment of the district court of Bremen had become final: the coach eleded his opposition period and now has to pay a fine of 36,000 euros, it does not apply as a pre-impairment.

In addition, the German Football Association (DFB) had sentenced to a fine of 20,000 euros. “I paid the penalties. That was a lot of money, but I have to answer for himself,” he explained.

In addition, it is locked retroactively for November 2021 for one year. From the 10th of June this year, the barrier is exposed to probation until 30 June 2023.