Netmarble, self-blocked ecosystem MBX and MBX Wallet formal service

Netmarble (Representative Kwon, Poor Wook) announced its self-generated currency-based block body, “MBX ‘and’ MBX Wallet ‘service.

MBX is a Clayton (KLAYTN) mainet-based block, which is an ecosystem, which is an ecosystem, which is a block chain, and focuses on building an ecosystem that is enhanced by enrolling a block chain, and providing reasonable compensation.

Netmarble began the MBX (token) distribution, which is utilized as a currency in the ecosystem with MBX open. Users can trade MBX in a token swap manner in the Death Central Financial Services (DEFI) clays.

MobieCoin Overview (MBX Token)
In addition, the MBX Wallet application (apps) also launched. The Wallet app supports the function of replacing game goods such as MBX and other ores as a game token, MBX and Clayton (KLAY) token swap function.

Netmarble is aiming to provide the ability to swap the game token to MBXL, a bridge token in the Waletel app in April.

Netmarble is a block-based game such as MBX Explorer (MBX Explorer), which can identify MBX transactional information on MBX (MBX Explorer), And will be expanding to the ecosystem.

More information on MBX can be found through the official website (Marblex.IO).